I’m an married woman from the US who is living in a small city in central South Korea.  Waygook is an old romanized version of 외국인 (or “foreigner”) in Korean and Waygook-in-law is pretty much the brainchild of me getting to know my husband’s family and all the challenges and hilarious mishaps that ensue when you’re the odd one out at family gatherings being held in rapid fire korean and learning to navigate a new world.

While my husband and I are very busy, I decided that there really are so many things that I want to do despite our hectic schedules! And there’s no better time to start than now.  It’s also quite easy to lose sight of the uniqueness of living abroad when it’s your daily bread and butter, so I thought this might also help me a little more mindful and help push me out of my box to start experiencing culture and life against instead of bumming around home (which is lovely, mind, and there will be quite a few posts written/done in pajamas).  So that said, I hope you enjoy this little slice of life!

Cheers! ^^